Some words about MR.SPAG
Mr.Spag likes to live in environment which is not poisoned and polluted with contemporary art disasters. He lives his own life, independent of the effects of new technology, superficial communication, brutality of globalization, the terrorism of daily news and contemporary art boredom. Mr. Spag is the newest model of human evolution. Mother nature took everything good from an artist as well as some elements from other intelligent species to make a new species. The mix is absolutely adapted to a new environment. The environment is located in the hidden places of an obsolete system. Mr.Spag deals only with things that have some meaning and have useful positive value for other people in his society.

These images of Mr.Spag are manifestations of his life.

The presentation of images in a gallery or a museum is a monument to him. He has also been presented in other mediums. Some snapshots from his life are presented on this website, and are realized also in video, photography, painting, sculpture and others technologies of a contemporary art.

Damijan Kracina

"artisti.giovani@sloveni" Venezia (Italy) 2000
curators: Aurora Fonda & Meta Gabršek Prosenc
Instalation view

"Mamljivo / Aluring" MGLC Ljubljana, 2001
curator: Liljana Stepančič
instalation view

"VRT / GARDEN" Juraj Klovic Gallery, Rijeka (Croatia), 2002
with: Lada Sega
curator: Sabina Salamon